--- In Memory Of ---

U-CD Multi HIT AM/Can/Int
CH. Kingsbury's True Grit CD, NA, NAJ
August 1 1996 to November 2011


Merry was our first Harrier and Show dog, and what a hound she turned out to be!  She was quite the Show Dog, loving going into the Show Ring and "strutting her stuff!" This is a picture of Merry from when she took her second High in Trial, for her third and final leg to complete her CD. She was a wonderful girl, loving and funny, yet stubborn and goofy too. She is sorely missed.

 Darn It Beau, CGC, TT, CD, NAJ, OA
January 1994 to October 2005

We acquired Beau from the Willamette Valley Humane Society in July of 1994. He was a 6 month old stray full of energy and charm and typical Beagle stubbornness. While Doug has had dogs before, Beau was Ellen's first, and quite the challenge for a first time owner. However, he brought such love, joy and humor into our lives, Ellen finds it hard to imagine how she lived without dogs before him.

Through basic obedience classes, both Beau and Ellen decided to that they liked obedience a lot, and began to train for competition obedience. They completed their CD (Companion Dog) on December 13, 1998 with a first place in the class. Doug trained Beau in agility and he earned his Novice Agility Jumpers and Open Agility titles before he was retired.

We lost Beau October 9, 2005. He is, and always will be, sorely missed and will always be in our hearts

 My Name Is Pippi Longstocking
March 1993 to October 2007


Pippi joined our household in March of 1995. We had decided that one Beagle (Beau) was certainly not enough, and put our names in at the Portland Humane Society in case any Beagles came in. A week later, we got a call and went to see her. The poor thing was in awful shape, she was very thin, and covered in fleas and hotspots, and extremely timid. Through a lot of hard work, and socialization, Pippi has blossomed into a happy, outgoing, little dog.  While she would never be an obedience or agility star due to an injury, she was always a star to us and queen of the couch.